The story of the longest castle in the world in Bavaria, Germany.. Its length is more than a kilometer

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The tallest castle in the world is located in the German state of Bavaria, with a length of more than a kilometer, which helped Burghausen Castle to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The castle is an exceptional building. It was built nearly a thousand years ago, specifically in 1255, to be at that time the second residence of the Dukes of Lower Bavaria from the Wittelsbach family, next to the nearby Castle of Landshut, according to the Emirati Al Ain website.

The tallest castle in the world

The castle was built, elaborately and impregnable, “as a fortress for an important aristocratic family in Europe at the time, and its walls are as high as 11 meters and five squares with walls and other trenches.

For a long time, the castle was considered aStrong fortress in Germany, and did not fall in any battle, and that Because of its location above the river Salsakh, it did not constitute a natural obstacle to any army that wanted to reach the castle.

the castle
the castle

Dukes worked The castle expanded until it finally reached the world record of 1,051 metres, for its beauty and the view of the river below.

Previously, the Wittelsbach family got their fortune to build such castles, from the salt trade they ran, With the passage of time, the region turned into the chemical industry for which it is famous so far, and is the source of its wealth.


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