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Jordanian Paths holds a dialogue session to read the return of the Taliban from the Jordanian perspective

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publish date 2021-08-29 13:05:15

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The Jordanian Masarat Foundation for Development and Development held, on Saturday, at its headquarters in the capital, Amman, a closed dialogue session with a group of experts in political affairs and extremist groups, under the title “The Return of the Taliban… A Jordanian Reading”, to discuss the changes that have occurred in the Taliban movement since its emergence, and to present approaches On issues affecting the political and security nerve in Jordan.

The participants in the session confirmed that there have been changes in the political and social positions of the Taliban movement between the years (2001-2021), specifically with regard to women, as the movement announced that it would allow women to work and learn within the controls and teachings of Islamic Sharia.

The experts discussed the repercussions of the Taliban’s return on the Jordanian scene, in terms of the ability of the Taliban model to attract Jordanian youth, as some attendees suggested that the Taliban’s arrival in power would help provide an attractive environment for young people, noting that ISIS, which has an Afghan version, will be the biggest attraction for these young people.

As for the factors that help Jordanian youth pay attention to what is happening in Afghanistan, the participants warned of multiple factors ranging from the cultural, educational, intellectual, social and political factor, calling for the need to pay attention to real political reform treatments that immunize the youth group from extremist ideology.

One of the participants close to the Islamic movement stated that the reason moderate Islam welcomed the return of the Taliban is due to the meeting with the movement on the issue of defeating the occupiers and reaching the rule of Islamic law, as the wishes of all Islamic youth come close to what the Taliban has achieved.

The researchers agreed that Jordan has good security experience in dealing with extremist groups, but they found the Taliban’s accession to power an objective challenge to the Jordanian state, related to the size and nature of the attractiveness that the model poses to Jordanian youth.

Here, the researchers called for the necessity of developing a Jordanian plan that would help in the security, cultural and political entanglement to face the upcoming challenges.

Despite the American understandings with the Taliban movement, and despite the movement’s willingness to accept integration into the international community, some researchers have suggested that the Taliban’s rule will produce a soft side and a logistical base for all those aspiring to violent action within the approach of radical Islam, and that this theory, as the researchers pointed out, was confirmed by the recent ISIS bombings of the airport. cable.

The session, which was moderated by MP and political analyst Omar Al-Ayasra, participated in the session: expert on extremist movements, Hassan Abu Haniyeh, researcher in Islamic groups, Dr. Marwan Shehadeh, researcher in security and strategic affairs, retired air force major general, Mamoun Abu Nowar, and professor of international relations at the University of Jordan, Dr. Walid Abu Dalbouh, member of the Executive Office of the Islamic Action Front Party, Ahmed Al-Zarkan, and founder of the “Jordanian Paths”, former Minister of State for Information Affairs, Jumana Ghunaimat.

It is noteworthy that the “Jordanian Pathways for Development” is a non-profit civil society organization, established in 2021, and specializes in issues of enhancing women’s presence in the public space and empowering them politically and economically, supporting and stimulating youth participation in political and development work, and developing and strengthening media capabilities to keep pace with Developments to be a tool for control and a way to achieve sustainable development and democracy.

The “Jordanian Masarat” focuses on conducting studies and research related to the Jordanian scene as a whole, as well as making analytical readings of interest to decision-makers in various aspects of life, in addition to conducting analytical studies of the political and media scene and their content.

The Jordanian Paths will issue a position paper on the dialogue session in the coming days.

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