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We always find around us those people who do not hesitate to give advice to others constantly, even when they are not asked to do so, and there is more than one psychological reason that explains this behavior.

In a report published by the American “learning-mind” website, writer Anna Lomind says that in any family there may be that person who advises you to think about changing your profession before it is too late, and you may find at work that curious colleague who says to you: If I were you, I would break up with him and look for someone better.”

These people think they know it all, and this annoying behavior goes beyond showing wisdom or trying to help others. Here are some hidden reasons why many people give advice to others without being asked?

1- love of control and anxiety

The number one reason why these people like to give advice to others is because of their controlling nature, they are always sure that they know what is best for others, and therefore they try to offer help and advice.

According to the writer, the common feature between these people, which explains the need to control others, is anxiety, as he tries to help you or give advice – even if you don’t ask for it – the anxious person feels that things are going as he sees fit, which is something that makes him feel comfortable. And whether you follow the advice or not, he will be satisfied that he has shown you the right path and proper conduct.

2- Feeling insecure

A controlling person’s behavior may stem from a feeling of insecurity. At first glance, these people seem to know everything and are completely confident that things are going well, but this is just a facade that hides their turmoil, flaws, and insecurities.

This type of person gives advice not to help, but to show his wisdom and the correctness of his opinions. He also likes to make others the center of attention, so he doesn’t have to discuss his failures and insecurities.

3- Vanity and a sense of superiority

Most of the time, these people lack empathy for others and give advice out of vanity and a sense of superiority.

But how can you distinguish between those who give sincere advice and care about you, and those who do so to satisfy their vanity? In fact, overconfidence and arrogance will be evident in every word uttered by the arrogant person.

It will not be friendly and polite, but it will sound as if someone is lecturing you on the rules of proper conduct.

4- Commitment and limited thinking

Puritanism and limited thinking lead to uncontrollable interference in the affairs of others, and these people usually think that they are always right, and that their view of things can never be wrong.

This kind of rigid thinking leads them to intrude and give advice to others without being asked. Since they lack openness, they find it difficult to understand things from the perspective of others.

Sometimes their intentions are good, but their narrow-mindedness prevents them from understanding other people’s feelings and taking their opinions into account.

5- Their lives are boring

Another reason why someone likes to give advice to others without asking for it is that their lives are so boring. They are looking for the missing excitement in their lives, so taking a look at your own life and giving you some tips will make them feel a little bit fun.

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