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Jordanian ads promoting medical tourism abroad… amid the absence of censorship

Amman Today

publish date 2021-08-27 17:03:53

Doctors and workers in the medical tourism sector complained about the spread of illegal promotional medical advertisements on social media, inviting patients to go to Istanbul for their surgeries.

Advertisements for medical tourism in favor of Turkey invade social networking sites in Jordan, amid the absence of oversight by the competent authorities.

The advertisements promote gastric bypass surgery, bariatric surgery, hair transplantation, liver transplantation, oncology treatment and other specializations in which Jordan excels in the field of medical tourism.

These advertisements invade Turkey as a destination for medical tourism, instead of Jordan, at a time when the medical tourism sector is an essential resource for Jordan’s economy, especially in light of the presence of qualified and experienced medical cadres, hospitals equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies, and appropriate prices for Jordanian and foreign patients.

Clinics in Turkey also target the Jordanian audience through Facebook’s promotion mechanisms, which allow its ads to be directed to specific countries.

Doctors called on the competent authorities to follow up on these announcements and hold those responsible for them accountable, given the damage they cause to the Jordanian medical tourism sector.

The question remains about the legality of these advertisements at a time when the health sector is making efforts to promote Jordan as a destination for medical tourism globally.


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