Lebanon.. The crisis of the Shatila and Burj al-Barajneh camps is worsening and UNRWA is absent

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publish date 2021-08-27 22:09:00

The suffering of the Burj al-Barajneh and Shatila camps, south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, is exacerbated, amid the “absence” of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), while the Liberation Organization, the Popular Committees and the Palestinian factions stand helpless in the face of the continuous deterioration.

Quds Press learned that a group of Palestinian refugees is about to launch an escalating campaign under the title “For Our Palestinian People”, aimed at putting pressure on UNRWA to urge it to assume its responsibilities.

And our “reporter” in Lebanon reported that the shops in the two camps deliberately closed their doors, as they were unable to bear more losses.

The human rights activist, Faten Izdhammad, described the economic situation as “difficult.” She said in her interview with Quds Press that “the refugees are tired of the current situation, and their psychological state is deteriorating, as the necessities of life are no longer available.”

Azdhamad added: “The bundle of bread is no longer easily available to the Palestinian refugee, due to the lack of availability in the shops.”

She continues: “The Palestinian refugees live without electricity, and the water is almost cut off from the camp, while many suffer from chronic diseases and cannot find medicine for them.”

In an accurate description of the situation, Izdhammad says: “Movement transportation also costs a lot, as the price of one passenger in public cars has risen to 20 thousand pounds within the Beirut area, but for those who want to move outside it, the price is doubled.”

Izd Ahmed blamed UNRWA, saying that it had “abandoned its responsibilities, violated the rights of refugees, and evaded the rights and duties responsible for it,” according to it.

As for Shatila camp, “the situation is not very different, as those who do not close their shops have raised their prices very dramatically,” according to the Palestinian refugee, Rami Al Rayes.

In his interview with Quds Press, he said that “the price of a kilo of rice inside the camp is about 40,000 Syrian pounds, while the price outside the camp does not exceed 24,000, as well as a gallon of drinking water, its price reached seven thousand pounds, while outside the camp the price is six thousand.”

Al-Rayes indicated that “the reason for this is due to the people’s committees’ absence from carrying out their role, in terms of controlling prices and preventing monopolists from controlling people’s necks through pricing chaos.”

He continued, “The situation has become unbearable inside the camp. The conditions are difficult, and everyone is surprised by the refugees’ ability to bear. I am one of those people. I do not know how I coexisted with the situation, but I can no longer tolerate that,” asking: “Where are the factions and officials? Why do they not move to control and improve the situation?”

The Shatila camp is in complete darkness, as the state’s electricity is cut off, while the price of five amperes of generator subscription has reached one million Lebanese pounds, equivalent to about 50 US dollars, while the individual’s pension does not exceed 40 dollars or less per month.

174,422 Palestinian refugees live in 12 camps and 156 gatherings in the governorates of Lebanon, according to the latest census of the Lebanese Central Statistics Administration (government) for the year 2017.

It should be noted that the Lebanese pound is more than 90 percent of its value, dropping from 1,500 pounds against the dollar to about 20,000 pounds.

(Quds Press)

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