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What did the Jordanians say about Ruby’s knee?

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publish date 2021-08-27 22:47:54

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Since it was announced that Jordanian basketball star Ruby Habash was banned from appearing on Jordanian television yesterday, Thursday, because of her torn pants, the Jordanian responses and comments did not subside on social media, as #Ruby’s knee topped the Twitter platform.

And Doaa Khaled wrote, “Washing your face, you don’t know who to kiss, and white your knees, you don’t know who I see.”

While Muhammad Onaizat tweeted, “I read some comments that say that guests on TV channels have the right to the way they dress.”

He added in the same tweet, “This applies if the channel addresses a group of society (meaning, dress like this group is normal), but for channels that address the general public, especially the official ones, the public taste of the community must be respected.”

And an account named Remnants of a homeland tweeted, “The country is shaking to a luxurious knee, while poverty and corruption are weighed with the ladle.”

Ahmed published, “What is happening in this country has no explanation for the queues of the needy, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the oppressed. The amount of rampant corruption in this country is unimaginable!!!!! Looks like Ruby’s knee is more important!!!”

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Jordan News

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