A security ambush signs a request for royalty from an engineer

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publish date 2021-08-25 15:24:51

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The security services arrested a wanted person who requested a royalty from an engineer in a project in the Southern Shouneh, and seized a firearm and a quantity of narcotics in his possession.

Regarding the details, the media spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate said that within the framework of the security campaign implemented by a security force in the southern Shouneh region, to control all forms of infringements on the law, an investigation was conducted into a complaint received about one of the wanted persons and against him having requested four security requests for a sum of money without A right ( royalty ) from an engineer working in one of the projects in the region .

The media spokesman added that an ambush was set up to arrest that person, who showed strong resistance and threatened to use a firearm he had in his possession, but the security force managed to control him and arrest him.

The media spokesman added that after his arrest, he was moved to his place of residence and searched, and a quantity of narcotics was found inside, in addition to a quantity of ammunition, and an investigation was launched against him.

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