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Consumer protection calls on the government to set price ceilings for milk

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publish date 2021-08-02 10:56:39

Consumer Protection called on the Ministry of Industry and Trade to intervene immediately and play its supervisory role to prevent raising dairy prices and setting fair price ceilings, after a company raised the price of its products by rates ranging from 4% to 20%. Especially since there is a prior agreement between the ministry and dairy factories on a specific indicative price list for the year 2019, so that the price of a kilo ranges between 1.20 dinars and 1.25 dinars / kg for the consumer.

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The head of the National Society for Consumer Protection, Dr. Muhammad Obeidat, was surprised that this company had raised the prices of its products, despite the fact that the current selling prices were considered high compared to the production costs, noting that the selling prices of fresh milk did not rise by milk producers. In addition to the existence of an agreement between the ministry and the dairy factories not to raise during this difficult period we are going through, calling on the government, represented by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, to intervene to stop the increase in the prices of this basic material that families need on an almost daily basis through.

Dr. Obeidat added that the association had received, during the past days, complaints from citizens about the increase in dairy prices by one of the largest manufacturers in the Kingdom, stressing that the difficult exceptional circumstances that we are going through due to the Corona pandemic require everyone to cooperate and unite in order to relieve citizens, not to raise prices on them. . The decision taken by the ministry through the announcement of the advisory bulletin came in view of the difficult economic conditions that citizens live in and in order to ensure the availability of milk at reasonable prices commensurate with the purchasing capabilities of citizens.

Dr. Obeidat called on citizens to buy milk from other brands that did not raise their prices in line with the difficult conditions they live in, and to manufacture it locally, if possible, by non-working housewives.

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