Rising water levels are the biggest threat to dams in the world

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publish date 2021-07-22 17:12:22

Rising water levels pose the greatest threat to the security of dams in the world, as they are vulnerable to the repercussions of climate disruption.

“The danger lies more in the water than in the earthquakes,” Michel de Vivo, Secretary-General of the International Committee on Large Dams, said in an interview with AFP. them in the end.”

De Vivo pointed out that this danger can be reduced through continuous monitoring of the facility (the dam) and its surroundings, using a set of tools that measure the mobility of its components. Most of the structures (dams) built since the seventies of the last century are equipped with tools of this type.

The danger is especially high for the embankment dams, which are the most common in the world.

Modern dams have been built in mountainous regions of China using roller-compacted concrete technology, which saves materials and speeds up construction. The Chinese and Spaniards are pioneers in this field.

The International Commission on Large Dams recently published a global declaration on dam security addressed to public authorities and financing institutions as the risks to dams increase and more countries are constructing them. Precautionary measures need to be strengthened, especially in developing countries.

Source: Russia Today

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