5 tricks to make short nails look longer.. Choose the one that suits you

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Some women suffer from the problem of short nails, which force them to install artificial nails, so that they look long and attractive, especially when attending an important event, and this problem can be treated with some tricks, which help to make short nails look longer, which we review in this report, according to what The site mentionedbhg“.

Tricks to make short nails look longer

Excess skin removal

Getting rid of accumulated skin at the edge of the nail by gently pushing it off helps make the nail look longer.

short nails

Tonsil nail

Michelle Saunders James, a manicurist, advised women, to paint the almond-shaped nail, which has a slightly pointed tip, which makes it look like it is long, and helps women to get an elegant and distinctive look in front of others.

short nails care
short nail polish

Nail polish

Using a dark-colored nail polish makes the nail appear short, so it is recommended to use a nail polish that is one or two degrees lighter than the skin color, which helps to make the nail look long, which makes women feel more self-confident when attending various occasions such as weddings or graduations. and others.

Drawing simple designs on the nail

Drawing simple designs on short nails, making them appear longer instantly, for example, you can draw a thin vertical line in the middle of the nail with the addition of decoration near its tip, making the nail appear longer or drawing a triangle in the center of the nail, and other designs that make it appear longer .

nail decoration
nail decoration

French nail polish

It is also recommended to paint the nails in the French way, which depends on painting the tip of the nail in white only, as this color helps to make the nail look longer, and this method is one of the simple ways that can be done at home.


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