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Hernan Mastrangelo, the name of the 100-year-old grandfather, has become the most popular in Argentina in recent times, after people discovered that he had written many years ago handwritten notes for every goal scored by local hero and Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

Mastrangelo, a chocolatier, made his favorite hobby of tracking and writing down each of Messi’s goals, an achievement announced by his grandson Julian, on social media, which attracted people to pay attention to the details of his love story for the “flea”, including the Argentine striker himself.

According to what was published by the “Reuters” news agency, Messi, who recently celebrated his victory in the Copa America with Argentina, recorded and sent a video message of thanks to the most famous Argentine fan, Hernan Mastrangelo.

For his part, Mastrangelo told Reuters, “I wanted to score all the goals that Messi scored, so I followed him and continued to follow him, and I always followed the matches and if I did not have time to watch them, my grandson would tell me about them.”

And the old man, who does not like to use mobile phones or computers, wrote on the papers the name of the opposing team, the date and the number of goals, to write down more than 700 goals scored by Messi over the years, while using a magnifying glass to be able to read his posts for Messi’s goals, easily.

Argentine fan scores Messi's goals by hand

Argentine fan scores Messi's goals by hand (3)

And when the story of the Argentine fan reached Messi, while playing in the Copa America matches, Mastrangelo’s grandson received a call from one of the relatives of the flea, to thank him and send the video that Messi himself recorded, where he said: “Hi Hernan, it is clear that your story came to me .. It seems crazy to me .. me, not even goals saved like that.. I wanted to send you a big hug and thank you for what you’re doing.”

At his home in Carracci on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires, Mastrangelo was surprised and moved when he received the message from Messi. “I don’t think there could be many people to whom Messi said something like this,” he said.

Argentine fan scores Messi's goals by hand (1)

Argentine fan scores Messi's goals by hand (2)


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