Minister asks fans to pay to take a “selfie” with her

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publish date 2021-07-22 17:38:19

A selfie with India’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Usha Thakur, will now cost Rs 100.

The news seems strange to those who see it at first glance, but the Indian minister said on Saturday, that she “will start charging a fee of 100 rupees for every selfie.”

According to the “Times of India” website, Usha Thakur confirmed that the money will go to a welfare fund belonging to Prime Minister Modi, which also belongs to his party.

“We all know that taking a selfie takes a lot of time. Sometimes, we are late for work for several hours because of this,” said Madhya, India’s tourism and culture minister.

“So, the idea of ​​collecting fees for taking a selfie has been brought up from a regulatory point of view, who wants a selfie will have to pay 100 rupees,” she added.

Minister Thakur, whose statements often raise controversy, recently appeared in the news for not wearing a muzzle in public and commented on this, saying, “She does not need a muzzle because she performs prayers on a daily basis.”

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