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The lives of Jordanian detainees in Saudi Arabia are in danger, and demands for the government to take urgent action

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publish date 2021-07-22 14:38:10

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The Saudi opposition account known as “opposition to opinion” on “Twitter” confirmed the outbreak of the Corona virus among detainees of Palestinian and Jordanian nationalities who are imprisoned in Abha prison in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And the opposition account said in a tweet to him: “Important.. We have confirmed the outbreak of the Corona virus among the detainees of Palestinian and Jordanian nationalities who are in Abha prison.”

He called on the Saudi authorities “to take all measures of treatment and safety against detainees who were infected with the Corona epidemic, and we also call on them to take safety measures against prisoners who were not infected.”

For his part, head of the Committee for the Families of Detainees in Saudi Prisons, Khader Mashaikh, called on the Jordanian government to urgently intervene with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to release Jordanian detainees there and save their lives from any dangers related to the epidemiological situation or poor conditions of detention.

He also expressed his regret that the sentencing hearing against the detainees continued to be postponed for nearly a year without legal justification.

Sheikhs reiterated his confidence that “our sons detained in Saudi Arabia did not do anything that would incriminate them until they were arrested for two years.”

He said: “These detainees have always been very keen on the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they are keen on the security of Jordan, and this is proven by their records and good conduct during their period of residence for years to work in Saudi Arabia, including engineers, senior employees and doctors, some of whom stayed in Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years. without committing any offence.

Sheikhs expressed the hope of the detainees’ families that the Saudi authorities and the competent court in Saudi Arabia would take the initiative to end this file, stressing at the same time the depth of relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that the families of Jordanian detainees in Saudi Arabia carried out a sit-in at the beginning of this month in front of the Saudi embassy in Amman on Sunday evening, in protest against what they described as the continuous postponement of the sentencing hearing for their sons detained for more than two years in Saudi prisons.

The participants in the event demanded the release of their sons detained on the background of issues related to supporting the Palestinian resistance, stressing that they did not commit any sin that required their arrest, pointing to the suffering this caused to the detainees’ families, while the event witnessed an intense presence of security personnel who demanded the participants to end the event and leave the site.


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