In Lebanon… Even bears were not spared the bad economic conditions

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publish date 2021-07-20 19:00:45

The Beirut-based Animals of Lebanon Association announced that two bears called Homer and Ulysses were rescued from a private zoo in a village near the city of Tire in southern Lebanon.

“No animal should live in such terrible conditions, without proper food, veterinary care, or housing,” Jason Meir, director of Animals Lebanon, told Sky News.

He added: “The two bears were released after animal rights activists convinced the zoo owner in Tire that they deserved a better place than the small cages they had locked up in for more than 10 years.”

The two bears, each weighing 130 kilograms, were transferred last Sunday to Rafic Hariri International Airport in large special metal transport boxes, after conducting medical examinations for them.

It is scheduled that the first destination for the two bears will be the United Arab Emirates, and then they will be transferred to the city of Chicago in the United States, and then to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Colorado.

Mir said: “There are 50 animals in Lebanon between lions, bears and tigers, distributed as follows: 30 lions, 10 tigers and 10 bears living in private and recreational parks, and spread all over the Lebanese territory, along with many other animals such as deer, monkeys, birds and others.”

He added, “In Lebanon, there are 5 recreational parks that are not affiliated with the government, and most of them are not licensed, as is the case in other countries, and the animals in them entered Lebanon under conditions that do not conform to international standards. Today, we do not know their fate.”

Mir said in a previous interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that some lions and bears do not have a normal weight, and they are much smaller and are placed inside small cages that do not conform to legal standards.

Mir said: “This flight was previously delayed twice, the first when the severe economic crisis began in the country two years ago, and then the second time due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and the closure of the airport for weeks due to health restrictions.”

It is worth noting that the organization previously closed four non-conforming zoos, and sent the animals that were in them to sanctuaries in the United States, Britain, the European Union and South Africa.

The rescued bears belong to a relatively small subspecies of the endangered brown bear. This type of bear is no longer found in the wild in Syria or Lebanon, according to the British non-governmental organization Bear Conservation.

According to animal rights activists in Lebanon, the parks available in the country do not meet the legal requirements required by the economic crisis.

Activists in the field are working in coordination with the competent authorities to treat sick animals whose owners are no longer able to pay high costs.

It is also working on transporting pets from homes and delivering them to specialized associations to contain the crisis.

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