4 tricks to spend an entire day without coffee

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The Spanish magazine “Mijor Con Salud” published a report in which it reviewed some tricks that help you spend a whole day without coffee.

The magazine said in the report, which was translated by “Arabi 21”, that spending a whole day without drinking coffee may seem very difficult for those who are accustomed to caffeine, but it turns out that there are some ways to avoid this drink for an entire day.

In fact, caffeine does not pose a health risk if it is not consumed in excess, but we may fall into the trap of drinking too much coffee when we are tired or during exams.

Going a whole day or several without coffee can help avoid unhealthy effects, including insomnia, tremors, and heart palpitations. In the long run, excessive caffeine consumption is linked to stomach infections and increased migraine attacks. What are the ways in which you can give up drinking coffee?

Music to feel energized

Music in the morning can replace caffeine because sound waves are able to stimulate the brain and activate certain areas, keeping us energized and ready to work or study.

It is very important to listen to the appropriate music to feel energetic, as we sometimes need music that does not interrupt the sequence of thoughts, and sometimes music that increases the hormone adrenaline. Choosing the music you love helps release dopamine, the hormone of happiness.

Movement and physical activity

Getting up early to exercise is one of the tricks to going an entire day without drinking coffee. In fact, this habit is not easy and requires discipline and perseverance, especially since many people do not tend to get up early.

In any case, physical activity is an important strategy for improving health in general, as the body is stimulated to produce hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel good and comfortable.

soluble substitutes

There are some products on the market that can replace coffee, and these options include soluble chicory and rye. If we choose these sugar-free products, it contributes even more to protecting our health.

With regard to soluble dandelion, hot water can be mixed with 5 grams of the product and add milk, and many assure that the taste of this drink is very similar to the taste of coffee.

Edit your lifestyle

To go a whole day without drinking coffee, you have to change your habits and lifestyle because it is possible that we consume a lot of caffeine due to too much rest, lack of energy and inability to follow a healthy diet.

There will be many positive repercussions if we get enough hours of sleep, focus on healthy foods, and control stress.

Night rest should not be less than seven hours, and some need eight or nine hours, and eating the right food according to your energy requirements will avoid many health problems.

Also, managing stress through relaxation and meditation will reduce anxiety, and it has been proven that when we feel stressed we are prone to consuming soothing drinks, including coffee.

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