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King: The United States is aware of Jordan’s pivotal role and sees it as a representative of the voice of reason in the region – a comprehensive news agency and newspaper

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publish date 2021-07-21 19:18:41

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His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday met the Jordanian media delegation accompanying him during his visit to Washington.

His Majesty said that his visit to the White House as the first Arab leader from the Middle East confirms that the United States is aware of Jordan’s pivotal role and considers it the best representative of the region’s issues and the voice of reason in it.

He added that Jordan’s arrival in Washington as the first country in the region did not come by chance, but rather a message about the depth of the relationship that stretches back several decades, describing the visit as one of the most successful visits to the United States.

He stressed that the summit meeting was filled with positive messages from US President Joe Biden about the United States’ readiness to provide all forms of assistance required to Jordan, and the summit dealt with all the files that Jordan would like to raise, and President Biden was keen to listen to Prince Hussein and showed great interest in him

His Majesty praised President Biden’s team, describing it as the most experienced in foreign policy, pointing out that the US administration understands and appreciates Jordan’s role in dealing with crises and is keen to listen to the Jordanian point of view, as the United States trusts the Kingdom and its regional role.

His Majesty stressed that there is a common understanding with the US administration on the necessity of adhering to the two-state solution and re-launching negotiations between the two sides.

His Majesty indicated that Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians and its measures regarding Al-Quds Al-Sharif, in addition to its commitment to the two-state solution, are the most important factors that govern Jordan’s approach to dealing with the Israeli government.

His Majesty said that preserving Jordan’s supreme interests is always the end and goal. (The kingdom)

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Jordan News

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