Le Monde: Macron’s phone was spied on for Morocco

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publish date 2021-07-20 21:35:56

The French newspaper Le Monde said that President Emmanuel Macron was the target of a surveillance operation in favor of Morocco, in the case of the Israeli spying program Pegasus.

An investigation published on Sunday by 17 media organizations, led by the Paris-based non-profit journalistic group Forbidden Stories, revealed that the spyware, which is produced and licensed by the Israeli company (NSO), was used in attempts to hack 37 smartphones.

The investigation indicated that some of them were successful, and concerned journalists, government officials and activists in the field of defending human rights.

On Monday, the Moroccan government denied that it had used the “Pegasus” spyware program developed by an Israeli company.

In a statement, the government described reports that it had used the program to spy on French journalists as “false allegations”.

She said that she “denounces it completely and in detail”, stressing that “it has never acquired information software to penetrate communication devices, nor has the public authorities carried out such actions.”

An investigation published on Sunday in several media outlets, including the newspapers “Le Monde”, “The Guardian” and “Washington Post”, showed that a Moroccan security service used the “Pegasus” program developed by the Israeli company “NSO”, to spy on about 30 people. , They are journalists and officials in French media institutions.

The program, if the smartphone is hacked, allows access to messages, photos, contacts and even listen to the communications of its owner.

Rabat challenged the media, which published this investigation, to provide “realistic, scientific evidence that can be examined by professional, impartial and independent counter-expertise, proving the validity of what was claimed.”

She indicated that she reserves the right to “arrange the results it deems appropriate,” considering that what was published “intends to harm the country’s image” and “its legal status and its higher interests.”

Last year, the Moroccan authorities strongly denied what was reported by Amnesty International that they had used “Pegasus” to plant a malicious program in the cell phone of journalist Omar Radi, who was subsequently arrested for prosecuting him in two cases of “communication” and “sexual assault”.

Al-Radi, 33, was sentenced on Monday to 6 years in prison.

The court convicted Radi of “violent indecent assault and rape” and “communicating and receiving funds from abroad.” Which clings to the satisfactory denial of health.

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