A parliamentary call to extend the exemptions for land and property until the end of this year

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publish date 2021-06-26 16:33:58

Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment called on the government to extend the work of exemptions for roofs and buildings fees by 25 percent and to reduce fees for land assignment fees by 5 percent until the end of this year.

Head of the committee, MP Khaled Abu Hassan, told Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the committee is currently preparing an official letter that will be directed to the government to demand that apartments ranging in size from 150 to 180 square meters continue to be covered by exemptions regardless of the number of times they are sold.

He added that these measures would reduce the heavy burdens left by the Corona virus pandemic on the purchasing power of citizens on the one hand, and stimulate the real estate and apartments sector to grow, which would positively affect the entire economic and investment system.

Abu Hassan called for the need to pay attention to the potential and upcoming effects of the repercussions of the pandemic by developing flexible programs and policies that address challenges before they occur, noting that market indicators indicate that we are approaching a wave of price increases that require hedging due to its expected impact on citizens and economic sectors.

He pointed out that the government has tools to serve its orientations to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic and its short, medium and long-term effects, such as reconsidering the tax base with its various components, considering that the time has come to think about reducing the sales tax.

Abu Hassan stressed that we no longer have the luxury of time, but we must work to stimulate the economy and investment system, including facilitating borrowing operations, and reducing bank interest and shipping fees.

He stressed that reviving the economic sectors and moving their wheels is the best way to proactive treatments of the upcoming and expected repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

Abu Hassan pointed out that food security is a pillar of economic and social security, which requires precaution in securing it, indicating that it is based on the quality of the product, its safety, its price and its delivery to the market at the lowest costs and the shortest way.

He said that at this stage it is necessary to start implementing supportive programs for the agricultural, industrial, investment and tourism sectors, and to make optimal use of the relative advantages of the governorates and the outskirts, due to the importance of this in facing the biggest challenge, which is unemployment.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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