Symptoms of cancer .. 15 basic signs of the body that you should not ignore

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Scientists warn that the appearance of any of these 15 symptoms should prompt a person to see a doctor, consult or take tests.

Cancer can cause various symptoms, more or less visually obvious. According to Express Health, some symptoms of malignant disease occur early and are therefore important warning signs, signals from the body about a problem that should not be ignored, but should be seen by a doctor.

Cancer is more likely to respond to treatment if it is less advanced at the start of treatment, which is why it’s important to find it early.

In this regard, experts recommend paying attention to the manifestations of certain body signals that can be early symptoms of cancer.
Unexplained weight loss.
Unusual extreme tiredness.
Increased night sweats.
New and persistent pain.
Recurring nausea and vomiting.
traces of blood in the urine
The appearance of blood in the stool, which may lead to a change in its color.
Changing habits and bowel function.
frequent fever;
A cough that does not go away for a long time.
Variable size or type of mole, skin ulcers that do not heal for a long time.
Swollen lymph nodes.
Persistent pain or soreness.
Lumps under the skin that increase or change externally.

Researchers state that the most common types of cancer are: In men: cancer of the prostate, lungs and intestines. In women: breast, lung, colorectal cancer.

The rise in the number of cancer diagnoses in modern society correlates with the consumption of ultra-processed foods, a conclusion published by the BMJ along with research findings confirming this. Scientists believe that this type of food increases the risk of general cancer as well as breast cancer by more than 10%.

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