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Psychological treatment outside health insurance accounts.. and specialists stress the importance of its inclusion – news agency and comprehensive newspaper

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publish date 2021-06-25 16:42:17

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Aram Al-Masry

Despite the assertion by specialists in their interview with the Jordan News Online newspaper, of the importance of mental health, and the need for it to be fully covered by health insurance, whether governmental or private, the majority of insurance agencies ignore this importance, and do not give mental health the required attention.

Psychologist Noura Salah, Psychological treatment is very important and no less important than organic treatment, as mental and physical health complement each other, noting that many organic diseases are caused by myself, such as stomach diseases, insomnia and loss of appetite.

She stressed the importance of including psychological treatment in health insurance, given that the cost of psychological treatment is somewhat high, and it is a direct reason for people not going to psychiatrists or not completing treatment sessions.

Salah added that part of the pharmacological psychotherapy is covered by insurance once the person holds the Jordanian national number, but the sessions are not included, although the importance of the session is equal to the importance of the treatment.

According to Salah, the inclusion of psychological sessions in insurance is a very important step, especially in private clinics, as prices are not affordable for everyone, and that not including it may be due to a lack of awareness of the extent of the disease and a lack of awareness of mental disorders.

She indicated that a large number of patients prefer sessions over medication, because of the misconception they have that psychiatric medications cause addiction, but they do not cause it unless they are misused like any other medication.

For his part, the psychiatrist, Abdullah Abu Al-Adas, said that psychological treatment has become a necessity and not a luxury or side issue, as mental health is equivalent to physical health, noting that there is no physical health without mental health, and mental health and the ability to deal with stress and daily events is important. To discover human capabilities and market himself in the best possible way.

He stressed that the inclusion of mental health insurance umbrellas makes it easier for people to access mental health services, reduces the notion of stigma attached to the subject of psychological treatment, and reduces the burdens that a person bears as a result of reviews and drug bills.

Abu Al-Adas pointed out that the world is moving towards investing in the individual and his mental health and the individual’s ability to realize his capabilities in order to contribute to building society in a correct manner, and that this will not happen without reaching a stable psychological state, one of the most important dimensions of which is the ease of access and access to mental health services by including them in insurance services.

He called on all insurance companies to include psychological treatment in the rules of insurance coverage, pointing out that a person who suffers from psychological burdens is unable to work and produce, as it costs the state treasury and cannot produce in the best way, but its inclusion in insurance leads to economic returns at the medium or long level. And that its inclusion in insurance encourages all age groups to access psychological services, whether curative or preventive, as well as making it easier for them to access the geography of services, as doctors will go outside the capital with insurance coverage.

He pointed out that a person has the right to possess a stable state of mental health, and that the constitution guarantees the individual this right, so there must be harmony and integration between psychological service providers and insurance companies.

Psychiatrist Moussa Matarneh stressed the importance of mental health and the consequent general condition of the individual, preserving his social life, happiness and the elements of real life, and that the loss of mental health leads to organic diseases, as the origin of organic diseases is mental illness.

And he indicated that the inclusion of psychological treatment in health insurance has become an urgent necessity because psychological treatment is costly and long-term and constitutes an additional burden on the individual in need of treatment, noting that the presence of insurance encourages people to take care of their mental health, and also reduces the rate of crime, divorce and domestic violence.

The bishops wondered, “Have we not reached social and governmental awareness of the importance of mental health? Are we still a society that is not aware that the importance of mental health sometimes outweighs the biological aspect?”

For his part, the Director General of the Jordan Insurance Union, Maher Al-Hussein, said that the inclusion of psychological treatment in health insurance is up to the insurance companies, as it depends on the companies’ bonuses, and if they want to cover them for an additional premium.

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