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A beggar owns 5 cars, a company, and a salary guarantee

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publish date 2021-06-23 09:01:44

The Ministry of Social Development, through the Anti-Begging Unit, arrested this month a person who engages in beggary work in West Amman, near Khalda signals, as he seeks the sympathy of citizens out of poverty and destitution.

In a statement issued by the ministry (today) on Tuesday, it indicated that it had seized the beggar, with a sum of money of 30 dinars, and after conducting a study of his social status, it was found that he was single, born in 1982, and owns a Hyundai car, a private joint transport model 1999, while his family owns an individual company. A list with a capital of 1,000 dinars (a fitness training center for women), in addition to 5 cars of the 2016 Ford model, the 2000 Hyundai model, the 1990 Toyota general cargo, and the 2001 Isuzu cargo, in addition to a social security salary of 425 dinars for the family.

The ministry indicated that the beggar was referred to the security center, noting that it continues to publish stories of arresting beggars, with the aim of putting citizens in pictures and forms of begging.

She stressed the need for citizens not to abuse and sympathize with beggars, to eliminate this scourge from society.

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