Netanyahu faces uproar within the Likud party

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publish date 2021-06-21 16:24:49

In the last week, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing a state of ferment against him within the Likud party he heads, following the movement of this party to the opposition and its distance from the center of power in the apparatus of power, after 12 years in power.

A group of Likud veterans filed a lawsuit with the party’s internal court, demanding a meeting of the Likud secretariat as soon as possible in order to discuss the party’s situation, Yedioth Ahronoth website reported today, Monday.

Activists said that there is a need to conduct research on everything related to the economic situation, after the Likud budget deficit rose to 40 million shekels.

The activists added that there is a need for success steps, a comprehensive recovery plan, and a reduction in the salaries of aides and employees of the party apparatus, which are directly linked to Likud President Netanyahu.

And the Yedioth website quoted activists as saying that “the number of Netanyahu aides and their salaries should be reduced, as well as the conditions of work for some of them, which are funded by the party.”

The website added that it is expected that a sharp discussion will take place in the coming days on the issue of financing Netanyahu’s expenses, after the Judicial Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office, Shlomit Barnea-Bergu, announced that she had decided to stop funding aides and workers in the prime minister’s official residence, since confidence was granted to the new government. Netanyahu and his family still live in the official residence, and questions are being asked about who will fund his expenses.

Meanwhile, former Health Minister MK Yuli Edelstein criticized Netanyahu and announced that he intends to replace him as Likud chief and party candidate for prime minister.

Likud MK Nir Barkat also held a rally, which sought to win the support of thousands of Likud activists for his candidacy over Netanyahu.

The Kan public broadcaster quoted Edelstein as saying during a meeting with his supporters that “the publication of my intention to run was only good. I was sure I would be attacked and I was surprised to find that wherever I went, they say it is time for Netanyahu to change.”

“I don’t want to drag that out for too long, I don’t intend to be second on the list, but to win,” Edelstein added. It is possible that this (new) government will not last for long, and if it begins to falter, it will be difficult to compete with him,” i.e., Netanyahu.

On Netanyahu’s performance in recent months, Edelstein said, “He made all possible mistakes. Why did he agree to give Gideon (Saar), (Naftali) Bennett, (Benny) Gantz the prime minister (in the proposals he put to these three to form a government under him) and not suggest that to anyone in the Likud? And why should Likud lose power?”

Edelstein continued, “After a week or two, they will turn on the television and realize that he (Netanyahu) is not the prime minister, and then they will tell him the truth to his face.”

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