Unclean teeth is a wide door to diseases

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publish date 2021-06-19 11:36:18

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Brushing your teeth twice daily is important for oral health. Poor oral hygiene leads to the formation of bacteria that cause gum disease and accelerates the aging of the oral microbiome faster than previously thought.

Within 24-72 hours after brushing stops, new research shows that there is a significant decrease in the presence of “good oral bacteria” and the beneficial anti-inflammatory chemicals associated with them.

It was also found to increase the number of “harmful bacteria” commonly found in the mouth of patients with periodontitis, a severe gum disease that can lead to tooth damage or loss. The research team presented their findings in the journal mBio.

Researchers asked 40 participants with varying levels of normal gingivitis to practice optimal oral hygiene for three weeks. This resulted in fewer symptoms, and then disrupted the usual routine for four weeks. 24-72 hours after the last brushing, researchers found a significant reduction in several types of beneficial bacteria, as well as the chemical betaine, which plays an anti-inflammatory role in many diseases.

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