Physical damage to the use of hormones to inflate muscles

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Many seekers of bodybuilding use “male hormones, steroids”, in order to obtain a harmonious body and large muscles.

The term anabolic steroid refers to synthetic substances related to naturally occurring male sex hormones, such as testosterone, which can be described as an “anabolic steroid” in the truest sense.

And anabolic steroids (which work on building tissues), are powerful stimulators of protein synthesis and thus muscle building.

Prescription anabolic steroids are required because they treat delayed puberty, wasting conditions, and osteoporosis.

But it is often used illegally without a prescription by bodybuilders, weightlifters, as well as those who compete in various sports.

Negative effects of steroids
According to the Very Well Fit website, anabolic steroids can cause various effects on the body, including the following:

Agressive behaviour
Breast growth and testicle shrinkage in men
Clitoris enlargement in women
Erectile Dysfunction
enlarged prostate
Facial hair growth, changes or stopping of menstruation in women
Heart problems, including heart attacks
Liver disease, including cancer
The roughness of the voice and the growth of body hair in women
Continuous use of injectable or oral steroids can cause the body to stop its natural production of testosterone in the testicles, and thus shrink them.

Male breasts can also become enlarged (gynecomastia) because estrogen is also involved in the metabolic pathway of anabolic steroids, and the abuser may have to resort to plastic surgery.

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