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The new coach of the national football team, coach Adnan Hamad, led the first training session for the players in the Qatari capital, Doha, in preparation for facing South Sudan at eight in the evening next Monday at Khalifa Stadium, in the qualifying match for the group stage of the Arab Cup “FIFA 2021”.

Al-Nashami trained this evening, Saturday, at Al-Arsal Stadium, in the presence of the list of 29 players in Qatar. Speaking to the team before the start of the training session, Hamad stressed the importance of overcoming South Sudan and confirming the presence in the Arab Cup, as it is a strong tournament witnessing the participation of the elite teams in the region.

He added: The joint qualifiers page must be closed and focus on the goal of qualifying against South Sudan. The presence of the players in the decisive role that qualifies for the World Cup is normal, and this doubles the pain after stopping the journey early, but we have to overcome this stage and focus on being present in this exceptional edition of the championship Arab Cup.

On the other hand, the press conference for the match will be held at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, in the presence of coach Hamad and captain Moataz Yassin, in addition to the technical meeting in the presence of the national team manager, Osama Talal, before Al-Nashami will undergo his last training to meet at Qatar University stadium.

It is noteworthy that the confrontation of Al-Nashma and South Sudan will see that 30% of the fans will be allowed to attend Khalifa Stadium, by a decision of the Organizing Committee and the FIFA International Federation, while taking all preventive health measures in light of the pandemic.

The list of the national team in Doha includes the players: Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Moataz Yassin, Abdullah Al-Fakhouri, Mahmoud Al-Kawamleh, Yazan Al-Arab, Anas Bani Yassin, Rawad Abu Khaizran, Saad Al-Rousan, Firas Shelbaya, Ihsan Haddad, Salem Al-Ajalin, Muhammad Al-Damiri, Muhannad Khairallah, Ahmed Thaer, Nour Al-Rawabdeh, Bahaa Abdel Rahman, Khalil Bani Attia, Ibrahim Saadeh, Muhammad Abu Zuraiq “Sharara”, Ali Alwan, Ahmed Arsan, Mahmoud Mardi, Yassin Al-Bakhit, Uday Al-Saifi, Ahmed Samir, Youssef Al-Rawashdeh, Baha Faisal, Hamza Al-Dardour Weighs the blessings.

It is noteworthy that the winner of the Al-Nashami meeting and South Sudan will qualify directly to the group stage of the Arab Cup in its exceptional version this year in the third group, along with Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the winner of the Palestine and Comoros meeting, where the tournament will be organized directly by the International Federation “FIFA”.

The official competitions will start at the end of November, about a year before Qatar hosts the 2022 World Cup, which enhances the importance of the competition, which comes as a major preparation station for organizing the World Cup.

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