5 symptoms of cancer that most people ignore

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Cancers are diverse and their symptoms vary greatly. Many people do not take potential warning signs seriously. However, early and regular checkups can greatly increase your chances of recovery.

A safer clinical picture is often suggested for detecting symptoms of cancer. This is why many victims do not take symptoms seriously enough. Chances of recovery can be greatly increased with regular checkups and early treatment. Don’t ignore these five signs of cancer:

1. Constant cough
The cough is usually accompanied by a cold or the flu, and you don’t have to worry at first. However, anyone with a persistent cough should undergo a more detailed examination.
Experts advise: “In most cases, a cough does not mean cancer. Teresa Bartholomew of the Center for Cancer Prevention explains that a persistent cough needs to be investigated to see if it could be lung cancer.

2. Persistent heartburn
Heartburn can have many causes, such as excessive stress or a diet high in fats and sugars. If symptoms appear from time to time, there is no need to worry. But persistent heartburn can be a sign of throat and laryngeal cancer.

3. Itchy skin
The danger that a mole can pose is often underestimated: a mole can develop into a malignant melanoma – black skin cancer. Signs of this: persistent itching or burning in the affected area of ​​the macula. If a person notices such symptoms, doctors recommend visiting a dermatologist.

4. blood in stool
Blood in the stool can have many causes, and most of them indicate more benign conditions than cancer: some of the main causes are hemorrhoids or small tears in the mucous membrane. Experts strongly recommend checking the chair annually from about 50 years old.

5. Swollen lymph nodes
Swollen, painless lymph nodes may indicate lymph node cancer. Especially if this painless swelling persists for a long time and no longer goes away. Therefore, a medical examination is recommended.

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