Turkey .. “Atoma” anti-ship missile successfully passes the last tests

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publish date 2021-06-18 23:25:00

In its last test before entering the arsenal of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Atmajah missile scored an impressive success, hitting a real ship as its target.

And “Atamcha” means in Turkish the falcon, and it is the first Turkish naval cruise missile, produced by the Turkish company “Roketsan” for Defense Industries.

Under the supervision of Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, and the leaders of the Turkish army, the first anti-ship guided missile, after serial production, was able to fully hit its target.

The missile was launched from aboard the warship “Canali Ada”, in the Black Sea.

The missile test process was monitored by two F-16 fighters and a reconnaissance aircraft.

After the missile succeeded in hitting its target, the Turkish Defense Minister congratulated the crew of the Canali Ada warship, for their success.

Several successful tests of the Atmaja missile models have already been conducted, but what distinguishes the last test is that it is the first serial-produced missile, and the last test before it was included in the arsenal of the Turkish Armed Forces.

With the new missile entering the arsenal of the Turkish army, the latter will dispense with its equation with the American “Harpoon” missiles. –

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