Al-Faisaly defeats Al-Baqa by 3-0 in preparation for the league

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publish date 2021-06-18 20:48:12

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Al-Faisaly achieved a moral victory over Al-Baq’a 3-0 in a friendly match, today, Friday, at Java Stadium, as part of the two teams’ preparations for the resumption of the Jordanian Professional League.

And Al-Faisali scored a hat-trick, Mohammed Al-Akash, Doumi Bani Domi and Majdi Attar.

The technical director of the Syrian Al-Faisaly, Hossam Al-Sayed, was included in a lineup that included: Nour Bani Attia, Muhammad Abu Zureik, Mustafa Sall, Ibrahim Daldom, Ward Berri, Majdi Attar, Muhammad Tannous, Domi Bani Doumi, Anas Al-Jabarat, Youssef Abu Jalbush and Muhammad Al-Akash.

Al-Sayed made several substitutions in the second half with the aim of raising the players’ readiness, as he pushed: Yazid Abu Laila, Hossam Abu Al-Dhahab, Amin Al-Shanaina, Khaled Zakaria, Abdullah Awad, Adham Al-Rifai, and Baraa Maree.

Al-Faisaly will resume his campaign in the league championship, where he will face the Aqaba youth team in round 7 on June 27, while Al-Baqaa prepares to face Al-Ramtha on the 26th of the same month.

Al-Faisaly had 5 matches in the league, winning 3 and drawing twice. It is currently in third place with 11 points and is only behind in goal difference from second-placed Ramtha and a point behind Shabab Al-Jordan, the leaders.

On the other hand, the Al-Baqaa team is at the bottom of the standings without any point, having lost in 6 consecutive matches.

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