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publish date 2021-06-17 18:58:49

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The Jordanian sports street received with satisfaction the news of the appointment of the well-known Iraqi Dr. Adnan Hamad, once again at the helm of the technical management of the first national football team, after the sky of the Jordanian football was covered with clouds of discontent and despair after the exit from the qualifiers for the decisive round of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

This Jordanian public despair is due to the fact that the hopes were pinned on this generation of stars to formulate the details of the long-awaited dream, after the Jordanians became more convinced in light of the qualifications data and the results of their matches that the road became closer than before, but soon this path seemed blurry, especially after the Kuwait match. The latter, during which “Mr. Vital’s glasses” were unable to determine the vision, and therefore set his feet on the “Doha Road” from the closest geographical point to it, “Kuwait”, so we had to travel with him far to the borders of “Australia” in the hope of returning quickly to Doha. .but this was not too.

After this labor… the decision was… So the choice fell on the “general”, the shrewd Arab football player Adnan Hamad, to search for a path for “another path to Doha” and this time from “South Sudan” through his leadership of the Al-Nashma national team, starting from our team’s match against South Sudan In Doha on the 21st of this month, as part of the qualifiers for the 2021 Arab Cup, which will be hosted by the Qatari capital, Doha.

“The Doctor” is no stranger to Jordanian football, its clubs, stars, fans and media.

The task is certainly not easy for “Ibn Samarra”, who previously led the Rafidain Lions national team, so he must follow a path that knows its end.. Its end is glory befitting the reputation of our Jordanian football and befitting its football and sports history.. Hamad also realizes that his mission He needs patience, firmness and creativity in order to make up for the failures of our team in his last football career.

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