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Monitor – Yara Ghunaimat

The Public Security Directorate dealt with a number of crimes and incidents that occurred during this week, ranging from murders, stabbings, suicides, drugs, traffic accidents, and fires.
In the chapter on the suicide crimes that took place this week, a young man in his twenties committed suicide in the Ashrafieh area in Amman by pouring gasoline on his body, setting himself on fire and suffering severe burns.
Also, a young man hanged himself in Sahab on the roof of his family’s house, as a result of which he was seriously injured, and soon he died.
In the Mafraq Governorate, the security services found the body of a twenty-year-old man who had wrapped a rope around his neck inside his family’s house, with the intention of committing suicide.
In the murders section, an Iraqi young man was stabbed in the abdomen by an unknown person, in the Ashrafieh area in the capital, Amman.
In a tragic crime, 21-year-old Rania Al-Abadi was exposed to her, after her father killed her in “cold blood”, after her father’s continued unfairness and violence against her because of her grades in her major as she was studying at a Jordanian university.
In the city of Salt, a quarrel took place between a group of people following disagreements between them, which resulted in the injury of three people, “all of whom are precedents.
Also, a mass quarrel took place between a group of people in the Al-Alkoumiya area in southern Amman, and this quarrel resulted in 6 injuries, who were rescued and transferred to Al-Bashir Hospital.

In the section on drug crimes, three people stored a large amount of narcotic pills in secret caches inside a cargo vehicle in preparation for their smuggling outside the Kingdom, where 150,000 narcotic pills were found inside secret caches in the body of the vehicle.
The Anti-Narcotics Department tracked down a suspect in cases of trafficking and drug promotion after information was received about his criminal activities, after confirming his possession and transfer of a quantity of narcotic substances from one of the northern governorates to the capital. .
In another case in the capital, three people were arrested, who were involved in an attempt to smuggle 75,000 narcotic pills. They were raided and arrested.
An official military source in the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army stated that the Eastern Military District thwarted, on one of its facades, an attempt to infiltrate a person from Jordanian territory into Syrian territory, where the rules of engagement were applied, which led to his arrest and he holds Syrian citizenship.
In the fraud crimes, a person of foreign nationality tried to lure a number of citizens to defraud them using the black dollar method and his ability to convert white papers into real currency. The size of dollar bills.
As for the incidents that occurred this week, civil defense cadres put out a fire of grasses and forest trees in the Naour area of ​​the capital, Amman, where civil defense cadres managed in record time to extinguish the fire and prevent its spread to neighboring areas.
In the center of the country, firefighting cadres in the East Amman Civil Defense Directorate, with the support of the Civil Defense and Central Amman Police Directorates, were able to put out a fire that broke out in shops, and the fire resulted in material damage only without any injuries.
The Directorate of Civil Defense said, in a statement, on Monday, that (92) rescue accidents and (182) firefighting accidents were dealt with, including 147 weed fires, sterilization and disinfection of (1470) vehicles, facilities and sites through the hazardous materials team.
In traffic accidents, a collision occurred in Jerash between two vehicles in the Al-Kuttah area, resulting in the injury of (9) people.

This afternoon, Thursday afternoon, rescue and ambulance staff in the Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate dealt with a collision between Trela ​​and a small vehicle on the Negev Road, which resulted in the death of a couple as a result of severe injuries to the body and the injury of their child with injuries and bruises throughout the body.

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Accidents and crimes in Jordan

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