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publish date 2021-06-17 17:26:02

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The first Lebanese political robot ran for parliamentary elections through its own electronic vote, becoming the second of its kind in the world after the New Zealand robot “Sam”, which ran for elections last year.

The Lebanese international artificial intelligence coach, Marwan Al-Asmar, invented the idea of ​​​​developing the political robot, and the idea was implemented by Lebanese and Arab university students, naming it “Noor” to become the first robot to run in virtual parliamentary elections through its own electronic vote.

The robot “Noor” carries one file, which is the youth file, with three dimensions: education, mental health and sports.

Coach Marwan Al-Asmar pointed out that Nour’s victory with a high number of votes is evidence that the Lebanese youth, of different affiliations, can agree, even hypothetically, on one file that embodies their national and personal interest.

According to the work team that worked on developing “Noor”, the “data” provided by the robot does not know sects, corruption, or double standards.

Preparations will be made for Nour’s first appearance at a press conference to be held before the elections to present his program and answer journalists’ questions.


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