$5.9 million in payments to 36 hotels in Jordan during the quarantine against Corona

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The Ministry of Health and the World Bank provided $5.8 million in funding to cover quarantine expenses for 36 Jordanian hotels, during the mandatory quarantine periods at the beginning of the government’s efforts to combat the spread of the new Corona virus.

The total value paid to hotels for the period of sanitary isolation amounted to $5.916 million, of which $5.881 million was funded by the World Bank, and 35,685 thousand dinars were payments from the Ministry of Health.

The amount comes within the emergency response project for the Corona virus, which the Bank launched to Jordan in April 2020, with a value of $20 million. In an evaluation document, the Bank clarified that the project, which is expected to be completed on June 22, 2022, “is progressing satisfactorily.”

The project began by covering the cost of the mandatory quarantine of more than 5,300 people, and the purchase of vital medical equipment needed for the clinical care of cases of corona infection.

The head of the Jordan Hotel Association, Abdul Hakim Al-Hindi, said, “The Ministry of Health has committed to all the amounts due from it for the mandatory quarantine periods in hotels and has not been late for their payment dates.”

He added, in a press statement, that “197,000 dinars remain for hotels for the purposes of quarantine for the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, out of 360 thousand.”

As of Monday, the number of recipients of the first dose of the anti-viral vaccine in Jordan reached 1.940975 million, while 740,312 people received the two doses of the vaccine, and the number of those registered in the platform designated to receive the vaccine reached 2.888546 million.

Regarding the vaccination campaign against Corona in hotels, Al-Hindi explained that “the hotels in Amman, the Dead Sea area, Madaba and Ma’in, have finished giving the first dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine to workers in the hotel and tourism sector,” explaining that “all hotel workers will be vaccinated.” these areas on the 28th of June this year.”

“63.7 million dollars for additional project”

The Corona Virus Emergency Response Project aims to help prevent corona, detect cases of infection and respond to the threat of this pandemic, and to strengthen the health care system in Jordan to enhance public health preparedness, and also helped achieve compliance of 32 hospitals with the management of cases infected with the Corona virus. More than 200 cadres working in the field of infection management and prevention.

The World Bank is studying financing a new project for Jordan, which contributes to vaccinating 2.4 million people against the Corona virus, and 40% of the adult population, to help the Kingdom achieve collective immunity.

According to a bank document, the total value of the project, up to $63.7 million, aims to finance and distribute 4.8 million doses of Corona vaccines in Jordan.

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Nasser Al-Shraideh, confirmed in a press conference last Thursday, that Jordan will receive an “additional funding of $64 million” to help the government finance the purchase of vaccines against the Corona virus, the funding includes a grant of about 14 million dollars and 50 million dollars in the form of Soft loan from the World Bank.

“The project will allow to expand the scope of vaccination against the virus. To reach the vaccination of approximately 40% of the eligible population to help reopen the economy, schools, and the most affected sectors,” according to Al-Shuraida.

“The Jordanian government has secured enough funding to cover 35% of the adult population (2.2 million people). Thus, this additional financing will support the second phase of vaccination procurement and distribution, which will cover an additional 40% of the adult population (2.4 million people) to help Jordan achieve group immunity,” according to the bank.

The Bank indicated that the project’s original development objective is to prevent, detect and respond to the threat posed by the coronavirus, and to strengthen the national health system to enhance public health preparedness.

He added that Jordan is one of the first countries to issue a policy to provide vaccination against the Corona virus to all citizens and foreigners residing in the country, including refugees, as the vaccination strategy in Jordan aims to vaccinate at least 75% of the adult population (about 4.6 million people) based on the availability of vaccines.

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