The march of the flags is a bomb planted by Netanyahu .. How did Bennett manage to avoid it?

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publish date 2021-06-16 09:07:38

Israeli journalist Gil Hoffman described the flag march organized by the Israeli far-right in East Jerusalem as a bomb planted by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the hope that it would explode in the face of his successor, Naftali Bennett.

But according to what Hoffman explained, in statements to the “Beyond the News” program on 15/6/2021, the government, which includes the left and the right, managed to bypass this bomb, and prevented it from exploding after making technical arrangements on the movement of the march, so as to prevent the occurrence of Provocations that lead to clashes between the Palestinians and the settlers, according to what the Netanyahu government had planned.

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu had postponed this march during his term after warnings from the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, and set a new date for it today, Tuesday, in the hope that it would be a bomb against the Bennett government, which was seeking at the time to gain the confidence of the Knesset.

Hoffman believed that the composition of the government, which includes the left and the right, and includes Arab members, prevented the situation from erupting today, as decisions were taken to avoid any circumstances that might lead to an explosive situation.

In turn, the professor of political relations at the Open University of Haifa, Salim Brik, supported the view of the Israeli journalist, and added that the Palestinian factions were present on the scene today, and that they were able from the beginning – during the era of Netanyahu – to impose an amendment to the path of the march, and prevent its passage from Arab neighborhoods.

Brik referred to what Western newspapers reported about the mediation role played by regional countries such as Egypt, to prevent the situation from erupting and returning to the circumstances that led to the outbreak of the military conflict, as happened last month.

Brik also spoke about indirect contacts between the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” and the Israeli government, stressing that it is not in Hamas’ interest to escalate the situation now, and that Bennett’s government wants to bypass the first bomb that Netanyahu put in its way.

According to Hoffman, there are more bombs waiting for the Bennett government, which Netanyahu deliberately left to it, hoping to end her life as soon as possible.

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