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Specialists confirm the erosion of the ceiling of ambition among Jordanian youth as a result of the inability to achieve goals – news agency and comprehensive newspaper

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publish date 2021-06-15 22:26:59

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Yara Ghanaimat

play Associated tendencies, tendencies, and motives A prominent and important role To a large extent, goals are achieved, which Formed turn Through the existence of a social, economic, political and ideological reality surround per person.

So, soThe decline and decline of the ceiling of ambition among Jordanian youth, with all its components of confidenceFull and scientific was an actual result for those circumstances that the community is going through, which led to me A state of frustration and regression in the self-concept on the one hand, and in achieving a clear-cut future vision for the future of the Jordanian youth And the From Both Genders On the other hand.

Professor of Sociology at Mutah University, Dr Salim Al-Qaisi, to social expectations that It remained high on the part of the parents that the children obtain the educational certificate, regardless of its type. until pat They are the testimony As a social infection, negatively reflected on the presence of planning and motivation towards the future, which Bat according to Al-Qaisi Foggy and depends on chance, luck, and moderation if possible.

and adds “All of this leads to a decline, weakness, and cautious optimism regarding the future of Jordanian youth, especially since the job, which is the first requirement, has become a rare commodity that is difficult to obtain, and other alternatives do not conform to the intellectual and cultural heritage of the majority of job seekers with young people..

not getting married..

In the same context, Professor Sociology at . UniversityLabqa Applied, Hussain Al-Khuzaie, aOne of the biggest reasons for the youth’s lack of vision, and the inability to set goals, is the inability of young people to prove their existence, and take advantage ofof their abilities, ideas and vision,In addition to not The existence of any solutions to their problems that they face, which are constantly renewed as they age.

He continued: Lack of marriage, psychological, emotional and social stability, lack of work, and their feeling that they are dependent on society, the state and their families, especially when the word “unemployment” is repeated over and over again, loses them the ability to set goals and directe energies, And the Herein lies the question The following salt:How long will this be the case, especially unemployment among degree holders? Which reaches 76% among females, and 38% among males.

Al-Khuzaie stressed that the youth’s loss of hope for improving the reality that is getting worse day by day, the economic situation at the global level is frustrating for young people, closing the horizons before their eyes, and therefore there will be nothing to give rise to optimism, although this category is the most generous their community.

reject reality

pointed to me The implications of this problem are the youth’s rejection of the reality in which they live, And this is born Violence against others, psychological and social diseases, crime and addiction, Add to Repression that turns negatively into a crime, as 66% of crimes are directed against money, and 12% of the perpetrators of these crimes are of the unemployed.

Al-Khuzaie adds When a person feels unable to give, and unable to complete his abilities, he lives in a wave of apathy, andSubsequently The tendency to participate in any criminal acts in society to earn a living.

Professor points Psychology, University of Jordan Dr Ibrahim Zureikat, to it Among the psychological effects that the individual experiences as a result of losing the goal, are psychological frustrations, that result from the goal that was decreeda by its owner not fulfilled, so Young people usually set goals in adolescencethey are for To study and work, then the future does not come according to the goals, and the failure to achieve the goals appears.

Failure..and psychological pressure

. added : This failure results in psychological stress, andK . diseasesanxiety and depression, And the Especially “anxiety about the future”, which leads to the emergence of other problems that may be accompanied by physical diseases resulting from psychological frustrations, such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems that young people have become suffering from today..

continued This loss leads young people who are capable of production and development to me If they become without a clear and specific goal, then it is necessary to intervene to develop plans for the rehabilitation of young people On the professional and psychological side.

And theConfirms Zureikat On the other hand, which is no less important, the problems of building a family, as young people are in the stage of finishing university studiesyHe plans to start a family and settle down, andthat not check this Target Increases the average lifespanFor marriage for males and females in society, and this isIt leads to societal problems such as moral deviations, alcohol and drugs, an attempt by them to escape from reality.

as and “This loss may result According to the Zureikat to increased desire by the youth workforce, at Exiting the country or emigrating in search of a secure future, and in This Loss In human energies and people with competencies and capabilities, which hinders progressive community or its development .

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