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publish date 2021-06-16 14:29:51

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The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said that the investigation teams in the Criminal Investigation Department were formed by order of the Director of Public Security to re-investigate unknown cases and cases of absenteeism.

Through a re-investigation of the absentee file of a citizen in the city of Aqaba, the criminal investigation teams were able to obtain new information about that case, and confirmed the existence of suspicions that the absent citizen had been subjected to a murder.

The media spokesman added, that what was collected of new information about the case led to the suspicion of a person who had a friendship with the absent person, as he was arrested and under interrogation he admitted that in 2006 he killed his friend by shooting him due to personal differences between them, and that he buried the body in The courtyard of his house, and after a period of time, he disposed of parts of the body by transporting them and dumping them in a landfill.

The media spokesman added that the suspect was immediately moved to the house of the suspect, accompanied by the forensic doctor, the public prosecutor and the criminal laboratory. Parts of the remains of the victim’s body were extracted from the remains of the victim and sent to the forensic medicine for the necessary examinations, and the case will be referred to the competent public prosecutor.

He stressed that the investigation teams into unknown cases and cases of absenteeism continue their work by reopening the investigation of all files of unknown cases and absenteeism until they are revealed and to determine all their circumstances to preserve and preserve rights and so that no one escapes punishment

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