Jordanian Women Parliamentarians Forum: Several Legislations Affecting Women “Need Amendment”

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publish date 2021-06-15 14:53:03

Head of the Jordanian Women Parliamentarians Forum, MP Mayada Shreim, said that despite the difficult economic and political conditions, Jordanian women have been able to impose themselves in many areas thanks to the great interest of King Abdullah II, as the directives were to work on empowering, supporting and assisting them in various aspects of life. .

Shreim indicated, during the meeting held by the forum today, Tuesday, to discuss its work program during the coming period, that there are many legislations that affect women “need to be amended”, but it is not possible to deny the efforts and achievements, which were applied on the ground during the last period, such as Laws: penalties, employment, social security, civil retirement, and protection from domestic violence.

She added that this meeting is the first for the forum, as it came to discuss its work plan and formulate its statute, and to define a mechanism for developing its parliamentary role at the political, economic and social levels.

Shreim explained that today we are in a new stage of parliamentary work, which is proceeding according to what was built by our female colleagues in the previous parliaments, which requires everyone to make more efforts and strive towards achieving development goals and advancing the reality of women and empowering them at all levels.

In turn, the forum’s female MPs: Rima Al-Amoush, Fayza Odaibat, Tammam Al-Riyati, Zainab Al-Badoul, Abeer Al-Jabour, Aisha Al-Hasanat, Dina Al-Bashir, Marwa Al-Sa’oub, Hadia Al-Sarhan, Islam Al-Tabshat and Amani Al-Shagran, stressed the importance of advancing women’s parliamentary role and overcoming all challenges and difficulties facing the development of their parliamentary and political performance.

They stressed the importance of working within a participatory framework among the members of the forum, to have the greatest influence in the decision-making process, especially with regard to the formulation and amendment of legal legislation.

While they indicated the need for them to have a key role in the political reform process that the state is pursuing in the current period, they called for the importance of reforming some laws, such as the local administration law (municipalities and decentralization), elections, and parties, in addition to the importance of amending Some articles in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.


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