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The Ministry of Culture announces the names of the winners of its competitions in theatre, poetry and films

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publish date 2021-06-14 16:29:22

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Today, Monday, the Ministry of Culture announced the names of the winners of the results of its three competitions, “film scripts,” “theatrical scripts,” and “poetry and song lyrics,” which the ministry launched as part of the national plan to celebrate the centenary of the establishment of the Jordanian state.

These competitions are meant to motivate writers in the Kingdom, so that these texts start from the Jordanian environment as a person and a place, and simulate the story of Jordan, ancient and modern, and emphasize the positive role of the Jordanian person in bringing about change, in line with the vision of the Ministry, which looks forward to a Jordanian civil society culture with a human dimension, and this competition comes To supplement the festivals held by the Ministry with texts of a high artistic level.

Culture Minister Ali Al-Ayed said in a press statement that the three competitions that were launched earlier this year and specialized in the Jordanian issue in the past, present and future have achieved their goals in terms of motivating writers to submit more texts dealing with Jordanian issues, and contributed to creating an appropriate and stimulating environment. To the emergence of new talents, and to present the environment and the Jordanian person, past and present.

He praised the efforts made by the arbitration committees in the three competitions, and the keenness on the accuracy of the arbitration, and the efforts of the Executive Committee, which completed a model for arbitration that was formulated based on the components of the target text.

The competitions’ judging committees consisted of Dr. Makhlid Al-Zyoudi (Jordan), Fahd Radda Al-Harthy (Saudi Arabia), Abdul Amir Shamkhi (Iraq), Mansour Al-Amayreh (Jordan), Adnan Salloum (Syria), Muhammad Al-Awni (Tunisia), Alaa Qaraqish (Jordan), Muhammad Lutfi (Jordan), Dr. Taha Hassan Al-Hashemi (Iraq), Dr. Ahmed Fahmy Abdel-Zaher (Egypt), Dr. Rashid Issa (Jordan, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kofhi (Jordan), Dr. Iman Abdul-Hadi (Jordan), and Dr. Atallah Al-Hajaya (Jordan). Falih Al-Jabour (Jordan), Saleh Awad Al-Haqish (Jordan), and the Executive Committee included Abdul Karim Al-Jarrah as Chairman, and the membership of Firas Al-Masry, Abdul Rahman Al-Obeisi, and Suhad Dhafer.

The “Film Texts” competition, short fiction film category, Ahmed Al-Falih, won the first prize, worth 2000 dinars, for his participation in “Al-Ain Eyeliner”, Nasr Al-Daoud, the second prize, valued at 1500 dinars, for his participation “Al-Madmaniya”, and Ibrahim Abu Hammad, with the third prize, worth 1,000 dinars, for his participation “Parliamentary”. The Jordanian: Shams Al-Din Sami, and Mahmoud Al-Zyoudi won the fourth prize, the value of which is 750 dinars, for his participation in “The Night of the Free.”

In the Documentary Film Competition category: Rasha Al-Hassan won the first prize: 2000 dinars, for her participation “Amman, do you hear me?” The second prize: 1500 dinars Samer Al-Han, for his participation “A Picture and a Story”, and the third prize, worth 1000 dinars, Bakr Al-Qabbani won the third prize, worth 1,000 dinars. Ahmed Swailem, for his participation in “Jerash”, and won the fourth prize: 750 dinars, Ahmed Swailem, for his participation in “Al-Hawachem, Knights of Hope.”

As for the “Theatrical Scripts” competition, which is directed at adults over 35 years old, the first prize was won: Ali Alyan, worth 2000 dinars, for his participation in “Whisper Al-Asef”.

The second prize was won: with a value of 1500 dinars, Asma Zaitoun, for her participation in “Shorts,” and the third prize: a value of 1000 dinars, was won by Abdul Hakim Harb Mohsen, for his participation “You will wash the Jordan River” and in the “Theatrical Texts” competition for adults under 35 years old.

The jury decided to withhold the first prize, and awarded the second prize: 1,000 dinars to the winner, Iyad Suleiman, for his participation in “The Birds of Ababil,” and the third prize, worth 750 dinars, to the winner, Dima Saeed, and for her participation, “Loving the Eternal Soul.”

The jury of the “Theatrical Scripts” competition for children over 35 years decided to withhold the first prize, and awarded the second prize: 1500 dinars to the winner Youssef Al-Bari, for his participation “Shamousa”, and the third prize: 1000 dinars to the winner, Fida Al-Zumar, for her participation “We Want Our Home.” “.

The jury decided to award the “Theatrical Scripts” competition for children under 35 years of age, withholding the first prize, the second prize, and awarding the third prize: 750 dinars to the winner, Iftikhar Harahsheh, for her participation in “Kingdom of Peace.”

In the “Poetry and Song Lyrics” competition, the category of patriotic poems sung, he won the first prize: 2000 dinars, Ali Al-Batiri, for his participation, “The Singer of a Homeland of Glory,” and the second prize: 1500 dinars. And the value of the prize is 1000 dinars, Islam Alqam, for his participation in “The Land of Minarets”, and the fourth prize: the value of 750 dinars, Saeed Yaqoub, for his participation in the “March of Achievement”.

In the category of national song lyrics, he won the first prize: a value of 2000 dinars awarded to the winner, Muhammad Hamdan Al-Anza, for his participation “Oman, a poem that was not written”, and the second prize: a value of 1500 dinars Hani Al-Ali, for his participation “The Pride of the Arabs”, and she won the third prize: a value of 1000 Dinars Huda Hammad, for her participation in “The Country of Good,” and the fourth prize: 750 dinars was won by Muhammad Al-Haqish, for his participation, “God’s Peace be upon Jordan.”

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