Who is the new Israeli Minister of Internal Security?

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publish date 2021-06-13 13:01:03

Hours before the inauguration of the new government in the Israeli entity, on Sunday afternoon, the Hebrew media shed light on the personality of the new Minister of Internal Security, “Omer Bar-Lev,” who will occupy this position within the framework of the “change” government led first by “Naftali Bennett.”

And “Bar Lev,” who was born in Haifa in 1953, is the son of the former chief of staff, “Haim Bar Lev,” who named the “Bar Lev” line in the Sinai after him during the October 1973 war, and held several major military positions.

Bar Lev held the position of Commander of the Staff Unit Sayeret Matkal between 1984-1987 and participated in several operations, including the hostage-liberation operation at the Savoy Hotel, as well as Operation Yonatan in Uganda.

In 1984, he also participated in the hostage-liberation operation from the 300th bus in the entity.

At the level of political action; He joined the Labor Party in the 19th Knesset elections, and served as a member of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.

He is considered one of the strongest opponents of the policy of the current Minister of Internal Security, “Amir Okhna,” regarding the way of dealing with the Palestinians inside and the systematic marginalization of their areas.

Meanwhile, Bar Lev will have a lot of intractable issues, such as the spread of organized crime in Palestinian society at home, and the restructuring of the police.

Bar Lev’s first task will be to decide the fate of the media march that will be held next Tuesday, as he announced his intention to hold a meeting in this regard tomorrow, Monday, after his inauguration as Minister of Internal Security.

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