Hebrew channel: These events may explode in front of the Bennett and Lapid government

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publish date 2021-06-13 16:36:39

On Sunday, a Hebrew channel talked about the challenges and events that might explode the security situation in front of the new Israeli government headed by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, alternately for each of them.

Israeli television stated that it is usual to give new governments 100 days, but there is a series of imminent events that may explode in front of the “Bennett and Lapid” government in its early days, noting that at the head of these events is the “Flags March” that has been postponed and will start within two days.

The TV drew attention to Israeli security assessments last week, which warned that the event may ignite the area again, amid threats from “Hamas” that it is closely following what is happening in Jerusalem, and that it will not allow the Al-Aqsa Mosque to be harmed.

He pointed out that Israeli estimates that Hamas will respond by launching incendiary balloons at the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip, in addition to attempting to carry out operations in the West Bank in response to the march, noting that “the new government will be required to respond to the Egyptian proposal to hold a four-way meeting in Cairo.”

According to the Hebrew Channel 12, the meeting includes the participation of “Israel”, “Hamas”, Egypt and the United States, in order to reach a settlement regarding a long ceasefire, as well as the prisoner exchange file.

The channel stated that there is another challenge facing the new Israeli government, which is evacuating the “Eviatar” outpost, which may face stiff resistance from settlers on the ground, pointing out that it was supposed to be evacuated early last week, but Netanyahu ordered a postponement. Evacuation until next Thursday.

And she continued: “There is a possibility that a petition to the Supreme Court, on this issue, will delay the eviction a little, but it will not cancel it,” stressing that these events may constitute a major security challenge for the new government, and can largely testify to how it acts in the face of challenges. coming.

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