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These are the details of the indictment in the “sedition” case

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publish date 2021-06-13 14:03:43

Al-Bawsala – The indictment was issued, on Sunday, against the defendants, Bassem Ibrahim Youssef Awadallah, and Sharif “Rahman Hassan” Zaid Hussein, in the “sedition file” case.

The indictment of the “sedition” case proves with evidence the existence of a close link between Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein with the defendants, Awadallah and Sharif Hassan.

Sharif Hassan, instead of God, recommended Prince Hamzah; To help them gain external support in order to strengthen the position of Prince Hamzah by reaching the throne.

She added that “the meetings of Prince Hamzah, Sharif Hassan, and Awadallah took place in the latter’s house.”

She indicated that Awadallah and Sharif Hassan encouraged Prince Hamzah to intensify inciting meetings with some segments of society.

And she continued: “Prince Hamzah has moved to the stage of publicly expressing criticism of the institution of the throne and the performance of the government, to cause sedition.”

According to the indictment, Awadallah attacked the king’s policy in managing the file of the Palestinian cause; With the aim of weakening the position of Jordan and the Hashemite guardianship of the holy sites.

“Prince Hamzah took advantage of the sadness and anger of the people in Salt; To turn public opinion against the state following the hospital incident,” according to the regulation.

He added: “After the Al-Salt hospital incident, Sharif Hassan received a message from Awad Allah, which said: The time has come for H, and this is the spark.”

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